Discover the Secret Attics of the Church

After more than 500 years, the Great Saint Laurence Church opens up its attics to the public. Let our guides take you into unchartered territory and have a look at the magnificent beam constructions, barrel vaults, trapdoors and the carillon, at 30 meters above ground. Previously unknown evidence of the church’s construction shines a new light on the history of the building. Discover unexplored territory and enjoy the view.

*only accessible from the age of 12

Discover the Secret Attics

Climb the 122 steps of the church staircase, and enjoy the view on the first landing (20 meters high) over the interior of the church. Your guide knows everything about the barrel vault, the hatches and the work done by many workmen, more than 500 years ago. You will be near the Great Window (width: 6 meters, height: 23 meters), and of course we’ll tell you all about our plans for the new stained-glass work of art.


Het Noordhollands Dagblad

Continue your journey up the stairs to the highest attics (30 meters high), and walk alongside the barrel vault, the chandeliers, the owl nesting box, the carillon’s drum mechanism, and the vault painting of The Last Judgment. Enjoy a spectacular view of the city.

uitzicht over de stad

Practical Info

Tickets: € 10,00 (12+ years old)

10 September – 31 December

Tickets can be obtained through this website. It’s also possible to buy them at the church, though we cannot guarantee availability for that day. The duration of the tour is about 1 hour.

At the designated time, you will be welcomed at the church entrance and you will be given a fluorescent safety vest and a helmet. To guarantee visitor’s safety, only 6 people are allowed up at a time.

*only accessible from the age of 12

Proceeds go to the Great Window

The magnificent climb to the attic is made possible by Stichting Het Grote Raam and all volunteers. The proceeds of the ticket sales go to the new glass stained window in the church, The Great Window. Its presentation is planned for October 7, 2023.

Want to join?

We’re composing a team of enthusiastic volunteers. As a tour guide or cashier you will be part of a welcoming team of excited doers, thinkers and creators. We organise monthly meetups and drinks to expand your knowledge and your (professional) network.

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