Donate a Glass Tile

Would you like to contribute to this masterpiece? It’s possible to donate a glass tile, become a friend, or to donate a glass panel.

Donate a glass tile

Donate a glass tile! Become a part of the Great Window and donate. A glass tile costs € 25, you can donate as much as you want. A tile could make a great present to your loved ones.

Click a panel, choose your own glass tile(s) and after payment, your name (or the receiver’s name) will be shown on the chosen tile(s). You can find your own glass tile on the website and on the digital screen near the Great Window inside the church.

Did you know you can give a glass tile as a present? Choose one or more tiles (€ 25 per tile). It’s possible for the recipient to be emailed directly about the gift, or to receive a giftcard the gift-giver can print out and personalize.

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