Een nieuw meesterwerk voor Alkmaar

Schenk een glastegel aan

Het Grote Raam

Schenk een paneel aan

Het Grote Raam

A New Design for Europe’s Largest Window

The two largest windows on the European continent can be found in the Great Saint Laurence Church in Alkmaar. The windows measure 6 meters in width and 23 meters in height. They used to be decorated with stained-glass: the sight of coloured sunlight through these magnificent windows and the reflection on the church’s interior must have been exceptional.

We are hoping to bring back this magical light by presenting the church with a new stained-glass window in the south transept: the Great Window. The window’s design is by internationally acclaimed artist Fiona Tan. It would make history as the church’s crown jewel, brought to fruition by the people of Alkmaar and the city’s local businesses: a new, everlasting icon, that will attract visitors from all over the world.

In 2023 Alkmaar will celebrate its 450-year independence from the Spanish, which was the first step on the way to ‘the birth of the Netherlands’. We are proud of this historical victory, which is why we wish to unveil the Great Window in 2023. The theme will be The Light of Freedom.

The Great Saint Laurence Church by Salomon van Ruysdael (1600-1670)

The Great Window (photo Mike Bink)

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