Become a Patron

The Great Window consists of 214 glass panels: the construction of the artwork will take approximately a year. Production- and assembly costs will amount to € 980.000. We hope to collect this figure through grants, gifts and public activities. It is possible to donate a unique glass panel, starting from € 1.750 (excl. favourable tax benefits). We will gladly welcome you as a Patron! 

In return, you will receive a framed print of the Great Window’s design, signed by Fiona Tan. You will get to meet the artist personally, and will receive a two-person invitation to the spectacular Great Reveal of the window, the 7th of October 2023. Your name will be forever tied to the artwork, and commemorated on a sign next to the window as well as on the website.

Choose your own panel and make a donation:

Panel 7A

Tax benefits for donations to cultural ANBIs

Donations to cultural ANBIs can be deducted from taxes. They may be multiplied by 1,25 by individuals and deducted as such. Corporations can use a multiplier of 1,5 and may deduct that.

We are sincerely hoping you will contribute to this remarkable project. For questions, please contact Cora Rooker: